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Luxe Coffee Reads & Views (Vol 9) from Caffè di Artisan

Here is the latest instalment of our Luxe Coffee Reads & Views - carefully curated for you. We start off with a fascinating piece on how as the customers for Parisian Haute Couture are internationalising, so is the designer catchment area with Asian designers making a big impact. Read it along with your own contribution to international diversity - a cup of exquisite Caffè di Artisan coffee. You will be spoilt for choice: maybe we could tempt you with Raro from the Colombian highlands or the Asmara with its savory-sweet body from Ethiopia or the Nilgiri Organique from a 200 year old plantation in the Blue Mountains...and many others.

The other articles are equally interesting from a fly-on-the-wall peek into the life of the richest man in the world to how we can be misled by purveyors of 'alternative facts' aka lies in this post-truth world. Read on....

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How Haute Couture Went International

Although haute couture is inextricably tied to Paris, and has been controlled by the French ministry Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne throughout its history, Paris couture has welcomed non-French designers. In recent years, the tag has gone international to an extent that now over 60% of the designers showing are not French. As customers have spread outside Europe, so has the designer catchment area. More and more designers from across Asia - from China to the Middle East to Turkey are now part of the Haute Couture 'set'. As the rich become ever more diverse, and the global 'haute couture' brand is trumpeted on social media by megabrands like Chanel and Dior, the internationalisation of the schedule is set to continue. Read on for this fascinating story...

How liars create the 'illusion of truth'

Here is something for our 'post-truth' times. We have all heard the adage that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. Researchers went out to check if this is really true: here are the findings. Repetition makes a 'fact' seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not. Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for propaganda. There is also something you can do to avoid becoming part of the problem. Read on...

Bill Gates: He eats Big Macs for lunch and schedules every minute of his day - meet the man worth $80 billion

With $80 billion, Bill Gates is the world's richest man. So how does he spend his money? What makes his life worthwhile? And is his a happy marriage? Mary Riddell spends three months with the Microsoft billionaire to find the answers.

An Ivy League professor says there are only three types of friendships we make

Friendship isn't always as serendipitous as it might feel; according to new research, there are just three ways people typically structure their social lives.

When striking up new connections, people are either "tight-knitters," "compartmentalizers," or "samplers". Find out which category you fall in and how it impacts your life....

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