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Luxe Coffee Reads & Views (Vol 6) from Caffè di Artisan

Ambrosial coffee and Luxe Coffee Reads from Caffè di Artisan make for a great evening...or morning.

Pick your favourite bean from the Caffè di Artisan range: anyone, from the Raro from the Colombian highlands to the iconic Monsoon Malabar; take a minute to make your favourite drink, from an espresso to a latte to a frappe and then settle down to these lovingly curated Reads, from health to business to human interest, we have something for everyone here. Enjoy....

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What Facebook Knows About You

When you change your relationship status, Facebook logs it. When you browse the Web, Facebook collects information about pages you visit that contain Facebook sharing buttons. When you use Instagram or WhatsApp on their phone, which are both owned by Facebook, you contribute more data to Facebook's dossier.

And in case that wasn't enough, Facebook also buys data about its users' mortgages, car ownership and shopping habits from some of the biggest commercial data brokers.

Here's a tool for finding out what Facebook knows about you specifically...

What happens when a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs leaves: Innovator vs Executor CEOs

Could Tim Cook of Apple be the new Steve Ballmer?

What happens to a company when a visionary CEO is gone? Most often, innovation dies and the company coasts for years on momentum and its brand. Rarely does it regain its former glory.

And no, great revenue and profit growth for years on end may not be good enough at all.

Here's why.

The janitor felt invisible to Georgetown students — until one changed his life: A heartwarming story

The minimum-wage cafeteria workers dishing up food, the locker-room attendant scrubbing the stinkiest places, the maintenance man doing back¬breaking work in the garden while students maneuver around him, heads bowed to their phones. One student took the initiative to start talking and then one thing led to another, connecting human beings....

Can Artificial Intelligence do better than doctors in cancer diagnosis and treatment

A test of 1,000 cancer diagnoses showed that in 99 percent of them, IBM's Watson recommended the same treatment as the oncologists. In 30 percent of the cases, Watson also found a treatment option the human doctors missed. Some treatments were based on research papers that the doctors had not read — more than 160,000 cancer research papers are published a year. Other treatment options might have surfaced in a new clinical trial the oncologists had not yet seen announced on the web. It is one of the many applications of Artificial intelligence. Read on...

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