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Luxe Coffee Reads & Views (Vol 4) from Caffè di Artisan

We are delighted to bring you the Volume 4 of our Luxe Coffee Reads and Views, passionately curated by our in-house lovers of Coffee and Reading.

Settle down with your favourite cup (or mug) of Coffee and enjoy these Reads across a range of topics: Startups, Birds & what they can teach us, Japanese Parenting and a weird combo of Fun and Health. Read On..

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The Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2016

Startups are the spark that lights the engine of the economy. The most successful of them, companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Snapchat, change the way we live, travel and communicate. For Forbes second annual list of the next billion-dollar startups, it has found 25 companies that are transforming their industries and showing tangible results. They've already attracted tens and in some cases hundreds of millions in investment capital while in the midst of explosive growth. Read on for the exciting list....

Can riding Roller Coasters help pass kidney stones

Could a white-knuckled ride in a mega roller coaster help sufferers pass kidney stones, saving them money and pain? Sounds weird? In a unique, home-spun experiment, researchers found that centripetal force could help people pass kidney stones before they become a serious health-care cost. A fun ride with a positive health outcome...

Here's Why Birds Don't Fly Into One Another

Ever have that problem where you walk down the sidewalk and don't know which way to go to avoid somebody? Birds don't. A simple, yet wonderful, collision-avoidance system that works because every bird follows it. If only, we were so consistent.

Why Japanese Kids Can Walk to School Alone

It's a common sight on Japanese mass transit: Children troop through train cars, singly or in small groups, looking for seats. Even in big cities like Tokyo, small children take the subway and run errands by themselves. What this tells us about Japanese kids, parents, the community and group dynamics. Read on....

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