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Luxe Coffee Reads & Views (Vol 3) from Caffè di Artisan

What's your favourite coffee drink? Espresso? Cappuccino? Americano? Frappé? Whatever it is, pop open a Caffè di Artisan pod, take a minute to make your favourite coffee and settle down to enjoy these delectable reads.

Curated by your Friends At Caffè di Artisan...across a wide variety of interesting topics. Here's Luxe Coffee Reads and Views, Volume 3 for your reading pleasure.

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Going shopping? Don't fall for these 14 retailer tricks to make you spend more

Now with the festive season beginning to kick in, retailers (both online and offline) will be looking to get you to spend more. Learn the tricks of their trade. As they say about being forewarned....

The Power of the One Percent...or how incremental improvements can make you a winner

The way to the Winner's podium can appear daunting, but guess what...pursuing continuous, incremental improvements - a mere one percent at a time can take you there. Surprised? Inspiration comes from diverse sources: from Blackjack to competitive cycling.

Typecast as a terrorist

When you are brown and Muslim, these facts may continue to define how you are treated even after you work in award-winning films.

As Riz Ahmed says in this thought-provoking essay: You are intermittently handed a necklace of labels to hang around your neck, neither of your choosing nor making, both constricting and decorative

The personality types that make the most and least amount of money

A number of things determine how much money you make: your level of education, the job you choose to pursue, the company you work for, your hard skills, your performance, and your ability to negotiate.

But one thing you really have no control over that can affect your pay is your personality type.

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